Large type, plain and with Fairground lights
Graphic heading 'letters'



Nothing looks cooler than
over-size type either on a wall or free-standing in a room.

You can choose from a single letter or number to complete words which can be supplied strung together on a custom made frame. We can provide virtually any font at any size; our standard letters start at 60cm high with an endless choice of colours and paint effects, and they are delivered with a  polished waxed finish. The only limit is your imagination.

Large letter &
Plain type starts at 60cm high supplied with a primed finish.
We can make the whole alphabet and any number. The '&' shown is in Clarendon but we can make almost any font you choose
at any size.


Prices from: £55.00 plus delivery.

Discounts available for complete words.


We can offer a whole range of  colours and paint effects, all are delivered with a waxed finish. The distressed letter 'F' shown is in Quentin and has been pinstriped with enamel. Please call to discuss  the available options.


Prices from: £75.00 plus delivery.

Discounts available for complete words.


large letter F
Again we can offer a whole range of options for our light up letters, the 'Y' shown is 75cm high but the larger the letter the more bulbs
we can fit onto it!  And you can choose any combination of the
14 colours available.


Prices from: £195.00 plus delivery.

Discounts available for complete words.


Our illuminated letters use iconic Fairground Cabochon lights, with a choice of 14 different colours. Each letter is sealed to keep the electrics hidden and safe. Supplied individually wired with 2m of cable and a UK plug although we can provide longer cables as an optional extra. 
10w incandescent bulbs are included as standard or you can upgrade to longer
lasting energy efficient LED bulbs at an additional cost.


We can also supply plain primed letters so you can add your own personality to them. If you’ve seen a font you like but you don’t know what it’s called, we can identify and make it for you.


Each letter is crafted from high quality from recycled or sustainable sourced woods.
Every one is totally unique ... made just for you!


Please note: Due to being made to order delivery can take up to 14 days.
For Internal use only, they can be weatherproofed for an additional cost.



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